EUCTER - Jean Monnet Research Network


At the heart of this research network is the intersection of two fundamental areas of EU policy - the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and EU counter-terrorism policy and law. Based on conflict-theoretical perspectives, the political areas of tension are considered in connection with the prevention of radicalization, the de-escalation of conflicts and EU counter-terrorism policies. The project aims to discover and explain if and why cooperation and diplomacy in the field of counter-terrorism in the EU and its member states have increased relevance. EUCTER is a research-led excellence network, comprising fourteen partners, with the aim of advancing cutting-edge blended learning formats with a strong policy relevance in the area of the EU Counter-Terrorism. The network brings together three inter-related teaching and research areas: EU justice and home affairs, EU counter-terrorism and EU external relations.

The European Counter-Terrorism Jean Monnet Research Network (EUCTER) is led by the International Centre for Policing and Security – University of South Wales and includes the University of the West of England Bristol and Cardiff University in the UK, Dublin City University in Ireland, the University of Augsburg (Chair of Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies) in Germany, the Egmont Institute in Belgium, the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, the University of Pisa in Italy, CIDOB Barcelona and the University of Deusto Bilbao in Spain, the University of Iasi in Romania, Prague Metropolitan University in the Czech Republic, the IDC Herzliya in Israel and the University of Jendouba in Tunisia.



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