Anne-Sophie Balzer

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About me


I’m a journalist, writer, poet, bird watcher, gardener, part-time farmer and all-time lover of Scandinavia. I was born in the Black Forest, a beautiful region in Southern Germany. Finding balance between spending time in nature, out of doors, and saturating my need for culture, literature, the arts is, I guess, the dialectic of my life. I studied comparative literature and cultural studies in Erfurt and Berlin, where I worked as a journalist for some time. Two years ago I decided to take a break from city life and move to Norway to work on various farms. My life there had purpose; the pleasures were simple, the vistas ridiculously romantic. But in my mind I was bored to death. Now I’m leaning towards culture and academia again, trying to dissolve nature/culture divisions that brought about the mess we’re in.


Writing with Glaciers: Glaciers as Storied Matter in North American Poetics of the Anthropocene.
My project yokes together ecocriticism, new materialism, and animist philosophy as critical approaches to reading contemporary poetries on glaciers and the cryosphere. The emphasis is put on textworld-relations of these poetries, thinking material processes and transformations of glaciers as in line with textual strategies of the examined poetry.


Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

Since October 2021

Doctoral Fellow at Augsburg University’s IDK “(Re)Thinking Environment“


2013 – 2018 

Master of Arts at Humboldt University Berlin

Cultural Theory and History


2009 – 2013 

Bachelor of Arts at Erfurt University

Comparative Literature and Communication Studies


Anne-Sophie Balzer is a scholar, poet and journalist. Growing up on the edge of the Black Forest in Southern Germany she left for the North at the first chance. Having lived both between the “ghosts of glaciers“ in the UK and in close proximity to actual ice sheets in Norway she aims to turn her long-year fascination with icy landscapes into a research project. Writing with Glaciers, her PhD project, is an inquiry into glacial poetics written under what we call the Anthropocene.