Regina Zitzelsberger

Hochschule Augsburg, Universität Augsburg

Brief CV

  • Born in Windsor, England
  • Course of study: University of Exeter, England. Bachelor of Arts in Combined Honours English and German
  • Since 1985: Developing and teaching English language courses for Bavarian teachers at the Teaching Academy in Dillingen, Bavaria. Special focus on pronunciation, grammar, fluency practice and classroom language.
  • Since 2000 official examiner and interlocutor of the compulsory oral language examination for primary school teachers (Sprachkompetenztest der Regierung von Bayern)
  • Since 2003 “Lehrbeauftragte” at Augsburg University, teaching various English courses at the “Sprachenzentrum”
  • Since 2014 English Worshops for Professors at the Hochschule Augsburg. Focus on classroom English, fluency practice and cultural awareness.
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Workshops at the Qualitätsagentur

  • Pronunciation and Fluency - Brushing up on spoken skills for use in conferences, teaching and academic discussions

  • Speaking Skills for Academics, focussing on fluency and avoiding common pitfalls

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