Bianca Jansky M.A.

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Ethik der Medizin
Telefon: 0821 598 xx

Weitere Informationen

Bianca Jansky has a background in sociology and philosophy. In her research, she is concerned with the socio-material effects of digital health technologies on societal and individual levels. She seeks to grasp and understand the involvement of people in their own healthcare outside of traditional healthcare settings, as well as transformations of boundaries that come with digitalization. Furthermore, she is particularly interested in qualitative research methods and their adaptation for/into digital contexts.


Research interests

Science & Technology Studies

Qualitative Research Methods

Feminist Theory of New Materialism


Sociology of Migration


Short CV

Bianca Jansky studied Sociology, Political Science, Global Studies and Philosophy in Munich and Roskilde. She has worked as a Graduate Student Research and Teaching Assistant at the chair of Qualitative Research Methods at the Institute for Sociology (LMU) before she started as a Doctoral Researcher as part of the project “META – mHealth: Ethical, legal and societal aspects in the technological age.” In her PhD project, she explores the practices of open-source and DIY medical and health technology, in development and usage. Her thesis is supervised by Paula Irene Villa Braslavsky (LMU, Department of Sociology) and Henriette Langstrup (Copenhagen University, Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies).



Selected Publications

Nijsingh, N., Jansky, B., Marckmann, G. & Kühlmeyer, K. (2020). „Mind the Gap: How Should We Translate Specific Ethical Norms Into Interventions?“ The American Journal of Bioethics 20 (4): 89-91. 

Hendl, T., Jansky, B. & Wild, V. (2020): From Design to Data Handling: Why mHealth Needs a Feminist Perspective. In: Janina Loh and Mark Coeckelbergh (eds.). Feminist Philosophy of Technology. Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler. pp. 77-103. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-476-04967-4_5.

The META-team 2019 (Verina Wild, Sarah Akgül, Katharina Eisenhut, Tereza Hendl, Bianca Jansky, Felix Machleid, Niels Nijsingh, Nicole Peter, Ela Sauerborn): Ethical, legal and social aspects of mHealth technologies: Navigating the field. In: Bächle TC & Wernich A, Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (eds.): THE FUTURES OF eHEALTH. Social, legal and ethical challenges, pp. 19-29.

Hendl. T., Jansky, B. (2019): "Q&A: a patient asks about the use of apps to track their menstrual cycle and fertility. What advice should they be given?"O&G Magazine of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Schütt, P., Jansky, B., von Unger, H. (2018): Interviewgespräche mit jungen Geflüchteten – Beitrag der qualitativen Fluchtforschung für die migrationspädagogische Praxis. In: SchlaU-Werkstatt für Migrationspädagogik (eds.): Migrationspädagogische Praxis in der Zusammenarbeit mit jungen Geflüchteten. Eine Suchbewegung. Jahrestagung 2017. pp. 24-37.