Dealing with achievement-related feeling

  • Veranstaltungsdetails
  • 05.12.2019, 17:00 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr 
  • Ort: Raum 2108, Gebäude D, Uni­ver­si­täts­stra­ße 10, 86159 Augsburg
  • Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Markus Dresel, Prof. Dr. Ingo Kollar, Fach Psychologie
  • Themenbereiche: Erziehungswissenschaft, Lehrerbildung und Psychologie
  • Veranstaltungsreihe: Psychologisches Forschungskolloquium
  • Vortragsreihe
  • Vortragende: Dr. Kristina Loderer (Lehrstuhl für Psychologie)

Dr. Kristina Loderer's talk is part of the "Psychologisches Forschungskolloquium".

Over the past 20 years, research on achievement emotions has made considerable headway in their core functional mechanisms for students’ learning, achievement, and well-being. The goal of this talk will be to briefly summarize what we’ve come to learn about origins of achievement emotions, as well as their relations with well-being and achievement. I will then highlight two major strands of intervention approaches for fostering adaptive emotions implied by this work, and discuss possible implementations based on pilot data on a newly-developed intervention and self-report instrument targeting the regulation of achievement emotions.

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