Objective Indicators of Learning Engagement: A Log Data Approach to Better Understanding the Link between Achievement Goals and Learning Outcomes

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  • 02.07.2020, 17:30 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr 
  • Ort: per ZOOM, sofern nicht anders gekennzeichnet, Augsburg
  • Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Markus Dresel, Prof. Dr. Ingo Kollar, Fach Psychologie
  • Themenbereiche: Erziehungswissenschaft, Lehrerbildung und Psychologie
  • Veranstaltungsreihe: Psychologisches Forschungskolloquium
  • Vortragsreihe
  • Vortragende: Raven Rinas & Martin Daumiller (Lehrstuhl für Psychologie)

Raven Rinas und Martin Daumiller stellen für das psychologische Forschungskolloquium Zusammenhänge zwischen Lernmotivation und -Erfolg dar. Die Verantsaltung kann über ZOOM besucht werden.

Engaged learners are more likely to have better learning outcomes such as increased knowledge gains and learning ambitions (see Fredricks, Reschly, & Christenson, 2019). However, not all learners are engaged to the same extent, making it important to identify factors that explain individual differences in engagement, and in turn, better support positive learning outcomes. From a motivational perspective, one promising explanation for these individual differences lies in learners’ achievement goals, which have been shown to influence learning engagement and outcomes (see Daumiller, Rinas, Olden, & Dresel, 2020). However, previous studies have primarily relied on self-report measures to assess learning engagement, which are susceptible to various biases. In the present study, we sought to overcome the limitations of using self-report measures in order to further investigate the link between goals, learning engagement, and learning outcomes. To this end, we created an online course on psychological research methods and recorded individual log data (e.g., time spent on the course, clicking behaviors, participation in discussions, videos watched, etc.) as indicators of learning engagement. A total of 200 students (73.5% female, Mage = 21.51 years, SD = 3.01) completed a pre-questionnaire assessing their goals and prior knowledge. They were then asked to invest a total of 2 hours learning from the online course over the span of two weeks. After the course, they completed a post-questionnaire assessing their learning outcomes. We discuss which log data can be used as meaningful indicators of learning engagement, and how educators and course designers can apply knowledge about goals and learning engagement to support quality learning outcomes. Die Veranstaltung kann über den folgenden Link in ZOOM erreicht werden: https://uni-augsburg.zoom.us/j/98622870608?pwd=ajQwaTdlOXdEb3ZrOVFoWjI2b21Xdz09

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