Conducting a massive meta-analysis: A closer look at procrastination and its relations to neuroticism and conscientiousness

  • Veranstaltungsdetails
  • 16.07.2020, 17:30 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr 
  • Ort: per ZOOM, sofern nicht anders gekennzeichnet, Augsburg
  • Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Markus Dresel, Prof. Dr. Ingo Kollar, Fach Psychologie
  • Themenbereiche: Erziehungswissenschaft, Lehrerbildung und Psychologie
  • Veranstaltungsreihe: Psychologisches Forschungskolloquium
  • Vortragsreihe
  • Vortragende: Lisa Bäulke (Lehrstuhl für Psychologie) & Piers Steele (University of Calgary)

Lisa Bäulke und Piers Steele stellen für das psychologische Forschungskolloquium den Aufbau einer großen Metaanalyse vor, durch den sie das Phänomen Prokrastination besser erklärbar machen wollen. Die Veranstaltung wird via Zoom übertragen werden.

Procrastination is an irrational delay of an intended action despite expecting negative consequences of the delay. Though dysfunctional by definition, it is widespread in the general population and most people wish to reduce it. Given the adverse effects, recent research aims to understand the construct by its personality correlates. An expanding debate is on the mechanism by which procrastination is related to neuroticism and conscientiousness. Due to massively enlarging research on procrastination and personality, we believe that the information for understanding the relationships between these constructs is already in the scientific corpus, but we need to pull it out systematically by consolidating the studies that were already conducted. For increasing coding speed and therefore making this tremendous meta-analysis possible, we will introduce HubMeta, a new platform that brings the field more fully into the modern age, using automated and cloud-based processes, specifically: built-in analyses, easy export functions, automated data extraction, and taxonomic features. This platform allows us to collaborate and tackle meta-analyses of previous unreachable scope. Die Veranstaltung kann über den folgenden Link in ZOOM erreicht werden:

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